SANDRA SHACKLETON KFRP (Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional)

Health Kinesiology including Allergy Testing, HeartSpeak, Tsuboki (Japanese facelift massage) Energy Healing for your Home. Sandra has worked as a complementary practitioner for over 25 years and is deeply committed to helping you to achieve your potential.

Using her extensive training and skills, Sandra will guide you gently through life’s challenges be they physical, emotional or spiritual.

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Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology works to rebalances our physical, emotional and spiritual self and has been used successfully to help clients to:

  • Prevent illness
  • Boost your own healing mechanisms and immunity
  • Release negative thinking or behaviour patterns
  • vercome fears and worries
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Sharpen mental focus
  • Manage sports performance
  • Improve relationships at home or at work
  • Develop your abilities

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HeartSpeak is a gentle way of reducing your stress levels and anxieties by removing what lies behind our emotional blocks, allowing us to let them go and move forward in life with a clearer perspective.  

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Tsuboki the Japanese facelift massage is a fabulous four stage massage incorporating Japanese techniques to improve skin and muscle tone leaving you feeling energised and visibly glowing.

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Energy Healing for your Home

Sandra works to clear any negative energies and geopathic stress from your home, making it a more relaxed and healthy environment for you and your family.

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Client feedback:

“you’re a legend, you help people”.

“Thank you, you’ve completely changed my life!”

“Couldn’t wait to come back. So much better”

“The work you did with my son was truly amazing. He is a different child he now has an inner confidence and is self-assured, and he is back to loving life and school. I also feel happy that should he come across anything in the future he is set up to deal with it and as a family we will be eternally grateful for everything you did.”


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For more information contact Sandra on 07597 566867

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