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Zanib Iqbal offers professional micro-suction service to safely and gently remove a build-up of ear wax from the ear canal. Ear Health examinations:  Audiological evaluation, speech testing, hearing aids, hearing rehabilitation, and tinnitus management.  We serve Harrogate and surrounding areas both at our dedicated clinic, or in the comfort of your own home.

Microsuction is the safest way to remove excessive ear wax, as stated by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. The procedure is suitable for most people and experiencing any side effects after the treatment is very rare.


Some symptoms you may experience prior to the treatment are:

Earache, Difficulty in hearing, Itchiness, Dizziness, Ear infection, Tinnitus, which can be sounds or high-pitched ringing coming from inside the ear.

Hearing loss is a complex disability where one is isolated from what is occurring around them. There are underlying health issues that can be attributed to the deterioration of hearing such as diabetes, noise exposure, smoking, vascular issues. It is such a debilitating disability where it is not visible to the human eye. 

Hearing problems can become brain problems as the brain needs access to the full perspective of the sound scene to work as it should. Not receiving this can lead to brain problems. Brain problems can become life problems, when access to the right input is limited, a hearing problem can lead to serious problems in life.

About Zanib

I am a registered Clinical Audiologist, based in Knaresborough, Harrogate and surrounding areas. Specialising in the Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus management with qualifications and experience in all aspects of Audiology i.e. vestibular testing, paediatrics. I have Trained at Dewsbury and District Hospital and have worked alongside GPs and ENT consultants in the community.  I have a special interest in ensuring the standards of private healthcare practice and NHS services are high and upheld. I am a national assessor in Audiology for The United Kingdom Assessment Service (UKAS).  In this role, I support the clinical excellence of a select group of Audiology services in NHS and private healthcare sector. She inspects their services so that they have every resource available so they can offer the very highest level of care. I am extremely passionate about helping people regain their confidence in their hearing. I work hard to build rapport with my patients so I can establish realistic goals for their hearing rehabilitation. I have undergone training with the Ida institute for person centred care.

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